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Der Auspuff ist ab!

Der Auspuff, der Auspuff....

The Optical Pain Igor's Hair!
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Salut! Je m'appelle Farine.

Estou aprendendo português.

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Ma armastan Farin Urlaubi ja tal on suur suu!!

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...und ich schlafe in der Dusche, weil die Dusche zu mir hällt,
sie ist der einsige Freund den ich noch habe auf der Welt....

Joe Strummer is Love

by stephs_shades

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-Polyphemus (angry emphasis on PHE)--
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Farin's excellent Nosferatu impression and the original "Supremely Awesome Facial Hair Thing" picture

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Uhh. And....

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Campino is a dork. Don't I have excellent transition skills?


I guess I should take this time and space to say...

And from there?

GO SPEEN THYSELVES! Off with you, I say!

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